What people are saying about Jim Sorensen's presentations:



Jim Sorensen did a great job for our firm in his recent presentation and facilitation of our firm's discussion on team building. Jim was highly motivational and demonstrated an appropriate level of both energy and humor in his approach to a topic, which lies at the core of every enterprise, and which strives for success. Jim brought a high level of insight into human nature and was able to draw active participation, even from would-be skeptics in the audience. Jim provided strategies, which are simple and can be brought to bear in every day life. Our incoming Managing Director expressed the view that Jim was one of the top people he had ever worked with in his career and more significantly expressed a desire to work with him again in the near future. Although only a few days have passed, I have already had the opportunity to recommend your services to a colleague. Thanks again for all of your good work.

Bill Viall, Chief Operations Officer
Williams, Kastner & Gibbs PLLC

With our full day off-site teambuilding meeting approaching quickly, we sought a closing keynote speaker to wrap up the day and summarize the essence of the "lessons learned" in order to improve our ability to employ the lessons for how our teams could best move forward. We were exceptionally pleased that Amplify was able to connect us with Jim Sorensen, a team and relationship-building speaker, who provided a tailored, humorous, and compelling speech which is exactly what we had asked for and hoped to bring to our event.

In the short 20 minutes during which Jim spoke, I believe Jim's program doubled the value of the entire day. His personal touch delivering the "stories" was something we had not expected but it was obvious that approach was effective in getting people to truly pay attention at the end of a long day outdoors (which was perhaps the biggest challenge and successfully overcome). Others in our group expressed that Jim's session was a highly valuable and his messages clarified valuable "take-aways" from the offsite event for us to use as we execute on our projects in this up-coming year. Jim was exactly the end-of-day keynote speaker we needed to make our annual professional skills building event a huge success.

Alex Wright, Group Manager
Microsoft Human Resources IT

Your workshop was a hit! It provided the perfect keynote that helped us focus and emphasize our Team Building theme. Your humorous, mellow, non-threatening style and use of personal examples made it fun and really helped everyone keep an open mind. Participants felt comfortable with you and you fit in with the group easily, which is remarkable in that we are a patchwork of very independent and multi-hued personalities.

Lani Vento, Program Coordinator
State of Washington, Employment Security Department

It was obvious from the way you facilitate the program that you love what you are doing and fully commit to participate in the program by sharing your personal experiences, listening while others talk, focusing on the issue, and giving positive feedback, to help individuals move forward in their lives.

L.H. Walter, Manager
Public Affairs, Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Jim Sorensen's presentation skills, his sincerity and compassion for people made my experience more meaningful. It was as though he knew me personally and was there for me. He left me with the tools needed to face reality and to meet everyday challenges that life has to offer.

Pat Goelzer
Manager, Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Thank you for the significant contribution you made at the October Greater Victoria Traffic Safety Seminar. Evaluations completed by delegates indicate that, for them, your workshop was "the most useful". Numerous adult delegates commented on their evaluations that your luncheon address was the most valuable component of the entire Seminar.

Allan Lamb
Community Programs Manager, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

The message you shared and the way in which you delivered it were perfect for the occasion. I have a great deal of respect for your ability to consistently create quality programs. You have an uncanny knack for accurately determining the appropriate information for a given situation, reading and tapping into the energy of your audience, and saying what they need to hear. And you always do it in such an uplifting and humorous way. You are, indeed, a man of many talents.

Pam Katims Steele, Ph.D.
Program Chairperson, Key Pacific Bancorp

…Thank you for speaking to Boeing Management Association. From my perspective as BMA coordinator for the evening, your presentation was certainly a success. You might be interested to know that the usual turnout for a BMA meeting is 40 to 50 people; the attendance at your event was 250 Boeing managers and their guests.

I appreciate you professionalism, your humor, and your willingness to present some new ideas in an entertaining and effective manner to the Boeing Management team. I would certainly enjoy working with you again.

Robert J. Marett
Engineering Manager, Boeing Aerospace Company

I want to thank you for the various programs you did for my company and Seattle Master Builders Association. The Leadership Styles presentation you did for Seattle Master Builders Association was a huge success. It's the first time I've seen this group actually get involved with an evening presentation and loosen up and have a good time. Plus they learned something new which many talked about afterwards. The other program you did for the Association, you performed a totally different role - that of a mediator. You were very effective in working with the two debating groups in terms of bringing them out, yet keeping them focused."

Last, but not least, I want to thank you for the sales seminar you did for my group of sales agents. They gained a lot of value from the clarity of your messages which were emphasized by examples. Your wit and humor made the learning so much fun. I look forward to using your gifted services again.

Lynn Carlton
President, Northwind Properties

As an administrator in the public sector for nearly 20 years, I have attended many workshops and seminars and have had an opportunity to evaluate their effectiveness. Your presentation at the City of Shoreline Department of Public Works seminar on team building was exceptional.
Many times I have walked away feeling shorted by the expectations of these workshops and yours was not one of them. Your ability to facilitate, draw everyone into a team building concept and setting clear expectations were excellent.

Jesus Sanchez
Operations Manager
Department of Public Works, City of Shoreline