Jim Sorensen's Always-Customized Programs Include:



http://www.kw.com/kw/content/newspages/images/fierce_size.JPGJim is a Master Facilitator and the Director of Program Development for Fierce Inc. Their programs include Fierce Conversations, Fierce Leadership, Fierce Accountability and Fierce Generations. For more information about the fierce program content, go to www.fierceinc.com.

http://www.contextinternational.com/images/gr_home_left.jpgJim is Master Facilitator for the Context International courses. He leads their foundational class, the Pursuit of Excellence as well as several organizational offerings. For information on the Context International content, go to www.contextinternational.com.

Each of Jim's other talks ar available in a keynote or workshop format.


An improved EQ (Emotional Quotient) adds to the overall quality of the working environment, to interactions with clientele and staff, and to the overall productivity of any organization. Jim centers on understanding the benefits of improved EQ and clear easy to understand and use tools to improve the emotional capital between management and staff in order to better motivate, retain and connect with them.


There are many people who have a great product, a new idea, or a valuable message, and because of how it's delivered, are not connecting with their primary audience(s). This talk focuses on the secrets and strategies Jim has gleaned from his over 30 years of experience presenting and teaching presentation skills.


Many of us avoid or escalate conflicts. Unresolved or escalated conflicts decrease productivity, increase uncivil behavior, lower moral and increase destructive undercurrents. This talk focuses on strategies for using differences to strengthen teams and create a more accepting, creative and productive environment. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of conflict and strategies for using it to benefit themselves, their coworkers, their clients and their overall organization.


Most people, when contemplating a step, whether it be a difficult call to a client, a move forward in the organization or any step that entails risk, will run the step past a "committee of their fears." So, instead of moving forward, we procrastinate, complain, justify, avoid or fail. This talk focuses on how to take fear out of the drivers seat and start taking the risk steps necessary to achieve our goals effectively in the workplace.


This talk focuses on how relationship building will quickly and effectively assist creating agreement with others. Jim introduces skills for developing rapport, discerning the needs of others, dealing with objections, clearly and directly asking for the sale, as well as follow-up strategies. Participants will leave excited and well-armed to improve their present selling results.